Why VASELINE is bad for tattoos!

Why VASELINE is bad for tattoos!
It is important to note that only anecdotal reports support the use of products like petroleum jelly to heal tattoos.
According to many surveys around the world, most tattoo artists recommend his aftercare routine of washing with antibacterial soap two to three times a day and applying a a non petroleum-based ointment or lotion.
The American Academy of Dermatology says petroleum-based products can cause ink to fade. Instead, it recommends using balms, lotions, butters, creams moisturizers for new tattoos. 
But why? 
Products like petroleum jelly and ultra-thick ointments can trap moisture and bacteria in your new tattoo, increasing the risk of infection. Water-based lotions are breathable and won't choke the healing skin.
What are the Symptoms of a tattoo infection?
  • redness 
  • swelling
  • warmth
  • discharge
If you think your tattoo may be infected, don't hesitate to see your doctor immediately to avoid severe damage to your body art.
Tattoo artists and dermatologists usually recommend letting the tattoo "breathe". Therefore, instead of wrapping it in a bandage, wear loose clothing after the first bandage at the tattoo parlor. Leave the ointment or wrap combination applied to the skin by the tattoo artist for a few hours or as directed by the artist. They know themselves and have seen hundreds of tattoos heal.
After this initial wrap, use a non petroleum balm ointment butter as TIGER SPIT BALM to prevent the blemish from drying out too quickly.
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A Solid Plan for Taking Care of Your Tattoo also includes :
(If you follow these steps, you may end up with a beautiful, fully repaired ink stain.)
  • Keep it clean, but wash it gently. 
  • No cloth or scrubbing needed! Pat dry. Imagine you are washing a newborn baby.
  • Avoid clothing that fits too tightly or that rubs against the healing skin.
  • Use some kind of breathable moisturizer as TIGER SPIT BALM specifically designed for tattoo healing. 
  • Keep out of the sun or cover the tattoo with loose clothing until it heals. Protect your tattoo with sunscreen after it has fully healed.
  • Do not soak in the bathtub or swim with your healing tattoo.
  • Call your dermatologist if you notice any unusual reactions.