Coplete Guide to Tattoo Aftercare

So you got a tattoo — congrats! Time to specialise in aftercare. If you would like your tattoo to age gracefully, subsequent few weeks are extra important to make sure it heals properly.

Here’s an entire guide to proper tattoo aftercare.

How to lookout of your tattoo: the fundamentals

Your tattoo artist will kick-start your aftercare routine as soon as their work is complete. After all, this is often their masterpiece, and that they want it to preserve its beauty. They’ll likely apply a skinny layer of petroleum-based ointment over your ink then cover it with wrapping or a bandage.

While you would possibly want to look at your new addition (or run your fingers over it), resist the urge. A tattoo is essentially an open wound, so keeping it covered (and your hands faraway from it) prevents bacteria from stepping into your skin.

Plus, counting on where the tattoo is on your body, keeping it covered will prevent your clothes from rubbing against it and causing discomfort and irritation.

The biggest mistake people make with new tattoos? Not using a proper tattoo aftercare.

How to lookout of your ink: A timeline

Your healing process are going to be as unique as your tattoo itself. Bigger tattoos will likely take longer to heal, as will people who rub against clothing. All the tattoo aftercare tips we share below are normal parts of the healing process.

Day 1
Apply first sheet of TIGER SPIT TATTOO BANDAGE, You may notice blood and clear plasma oozing from your tattoo, also as some ink. you'll also feel warmth or swelling. Keep it for 24 hours.

Days 2–3
As your skin heals,remove your TIGER SPIT TATTOO BANDAGE, wash clean your tattoo, dry it with a clean towel and apply your second sheet of TIGER SPIT TATTOO BANDAGE.

Days 4–6
The redness will start to fade, remove the TIGER SPIT TATTOO BANDAGE and wash your tattoo 3 times per day , applying TIGER SPIT BALM tattoo aftercare each time.

Weeks 1–2
Following this steps you ll be free of scabs or pealing.
Itching is normal, so keep your TIGER SPIT tattoo aftercare balm handy and rub it on several times each day .
Redness and swelling should have subsided. Using our TATTOO BALM will speed up the skin recovery and regeneration.

Weeks 2–4
Your tattoo might still look a touch dull or dry, so TIGER SPIT BALM tattoo aftercare will still be your BFF.
Keep up the hydration routine until your skin is fully healed and supple again.