Artist Spotlight - Albertino Da Bologna

1- Hi Alberto! it's nice to do an interviewwith such a young tattoo artist. tell us aboutvourself, how you started tattooing and at what age did you get your first tattoo.

Hey guys thank you so much for having me. I’m actually 26 I did my first tattoo at 18 so this year it’s my 8th anniversary in the tattoo world. The first thing I did after turning 18 was getting a tattoo. I immediately fell in love with this world and started visiting the studio almost on a daily basis. One year after I finished high-school ,I started my apprentship in the same tattoo shop.

2-In which city do you work? and in which
tattoo shop? Im working here in the capital of the world Brooklyn , New York City. I love NYC so much. I just started my new residence at Mikirigallery owned by @m1ss_juliet & @acetates. Very excited to be here.



3- Why this passion for traditional tattos?what do you love most about this style?Solid and fat lines, right amount of black and colors. Definitely traditional tattoos  ages in the best way, I really like the idea of something done in the right way can last almost in the same way for years and years and for sure is the toughest looking.

In the last years I took little bit a different route from classical traditional subject who I still love to tattoo, just I always try to tattoo subject who can influence my life around me but I always try to give a traditional twist to my subject.

Lately I’m doing lot of jazz players,I’m in love this subject, I live in nyc I see people play jazz every days. I need to tell what I see and for sure the feature of traditional tattoo is the best for me.



4- What are your favorite tattoo artists in the
world who do traditional tattoos?Too many, for sure  @Bert Krak is one of my favourite. @bighenry @FrancescoFerrara @JavierGarcia @TomasRedrey @Younes_tattooer and @Bobeustattoo are good friends and for sure between the best tattooers in the world for traditional style, some of these more classics others more funky.



5- What do you think is important painting
for a tattoo artist?Painting and colouring the flash is the only way to develop the style, in that way you can understand  the contrast and where to put more focus on the subject. I always try couple of times coloring the desingn before painting and tattooing.



6- Are you for or against social networks
(instagram, twitter etc ..)?Im just grateful , social network helps a lot this job and way customers can find your work. I work in a private shop so that’s meaning no doors on the street and no walk in, no  people who can accidentally see the tattoo shop. I book all my appoiments through social media. 



7- I see you travel a lot, what are your
favorite places in Europe to work?Lately since I’m in the US I’m travelling less but definitely my favourite place here are Chicago and Minneapolis. Where I go guesting at @greatlakestattoo and @seawolftattoocompany


In Europe my favorite spot are Antwerp for sure at the first place , Valencia ,Eindhoven and London. I used to live in London , for tattooing is great place with lot of talented people, just the weather is very bad. 



8-One last question to say hello, what do
you love most about this job?This job make you surfing the life. Very grateful to be able to travel and to organise my days ing the way I want.


Thank you 

Alberto Lelli- @albertinodabologna