Tiger Spit Tattoo Aftercare

  1. What is the best tattoo care cream in Italy?

Undoubtedly, my top recommendation is the "TIGER SPIT" tattoo cream. It's recognized as the best on the Italian market, thanks to its advanced formula and superior performance in tattoo care.

  1. How do you use "TIGER SPIT" tattoo cream?

Application is simple: after cleaning your new tattoo, apply a thin layer of "TIGER SPIT" to the affected area. Repeat this process twice a day to ensure optimal healing.

  1. How long should I use "TIGER SPIT" tattoo cream after getting the tattoo?

I recommend using "TIGER SPIT" for at least two weeks or until your tattoo is fully healed. The advanced formula accelerates the healing process and helps maintain vibrant colors.

  1. What are the key ingredients to look for in tattoo creams?

"TIGER SPIT" contains key ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, shea butter  and vitamin E, which work synergistically to moisturize the skin, reduce itching, and protect tattoo colors.

  1. Can I use a regular moisturizer to care for my tattoo?

While some moisturizers may be helpful, "TIGER SPIT" is specifically formulated for tattoo care, offering specific benefits that contribute to optimal healing and the preservation of your artwork's details.


  1. Are there specific tattoo creams recommended by tattoo artists in Italy?

Many Italian tattoo artists recommend "TIGER SPIT" to their clients for its reputation of excellence in tattoo care. Its popularity among professionals is a testament to its effectiveness.

  1. What are the side effects of tattoo creams?

"TIGER SPIT" is formulated with gentle ingredients and does not contain harmful substances. Side effects are minimal, but it's always advisable to perform a small patch test before use.

  1. Can I purchase tattoo creams over the counter in Italy?

Yes, "TIGER SPIT" is available over the counter and can be purchased at numerous tattoo product stores or online.

  1. Do tattoo creams help prevent color fading?

Absolutely! The advanced formula of "TIGER SPIT" is designed to preserve the vibrancy of your tattoo colors over time, minimizing fading.

  1. How much does a good tattoo care cream typically cost in Italy?

The price of "TIGER SPIT" is competitive compared to other high-quality creams on the market. Considering its benefits and reputation, it's a worthwhile investment to ensure optimal healing for your new tattoo.