Francesco Ferrara - The Man The Artist

1- Hi Francesco! it's nice to do an interview with such a young tattoo artist. tell us about yourself, how you started tattooing and at what age did you get your first tattoo.
Hey, thank you so much for the opportunity you are giving me!

I am Francesco Ferrara and I am 26 years old, I have been doing tattoos since the age of 19. I got tattooed for the first time at 16, and from there I immediately fell in love with Tattoos.

I learned how to tattoo in a shop near Rome, where I did a year's apprenticeship before I could take a machine in my hand.

I then changed various studios, such as @frontedelportotattoo, where I learned a lot and was lucky enough to work with many excellent tattoo artists, such as @jimmistein @claudioerzi @giuseppe_messina @valerio_fdp etc ... and grow in my path as a tattoo artist.
2- In which city do you work? and in which tattoo shop?
I live and work in Rome, currently at @thegrimreapertattoo of Luca Mamone (@lucamamone) together with my friend and very good tattoo artist @michealrasetti
3- Why this passion for traditional tattos? what do you love most about this style?
I have always loved bold lines, bright colors and tattoos that remain solid and legible over time. I think that's the meaning of what a tattoo is.
4- What are your favorite tattoo artists in the world who do traditional tattoos?
There are many, impossible to mention them all .. certainly in Europe @jellesoostattoo @iainmullen @younes_tattooer @bara_madrid @javiergarciatattoo @bobeustattoo etc ... but my favorite scene on traditional tattoo is overseas, in the US and in Australia, like @steveboltz @joshsutterby @j_mckenna @capillitupou @homelessbones @dextertattooer @bertkrak @akira_latanzio @chrisfernandeztattooing and many more ...

5- What do you think is important painting for a tattoo artist?

In my opinion I think that painting a flash or a larger project like a back is almost key to understanding where the tattoo wants the lines. For example, I paint the flash before figuring out where to put some lines.

6- Are you for or against social networks (instagram, twitter etc ..)?

I think that if exploited in the right way they can offer you great advantages, especially in the world of tattoo, such as getting in touch with tattoo artists from all over the world, to be able to organize guests for example and above all for the continuous comparison you can have, seeing what each tattoo artist is proposing and innovating at that time.

7- I see you travel a lot, what are your favorite places in Europe to work?

I have traveled and worked in almost all of Europe, there are places that I carry in my heart.

Surely the first is Antwerp, from my dear friend @younes_tattoer at @the braboshandtattoo, where I've been many times and where I can't wait to go back, but there are many more.

in Eindhoven by my friend @kimanh_h at @sevenseas_atelier, in Lyon by my friends from @biribi_tattoo and many others ...

8- I also saw that you are organizing a tour together with other tattoo artists, what is it about?

You have seen well! Together with @michealrasetti @jimmistein & @diegoshand we are organizing the "GOODBYE TATTOO TOUR"

from October to December we will visit 12 European cities in a total of 60 days of travel, together with many other Italian and European tattoo artists.

9- One last question to say hello, what do you love most about this job?